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On these pages find new videos, articles, even more links to excellent resources and some of the best business books of all time.

Recent Videos

Create a VIP customer advisory panel

Friday, April 02, 2010
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  1. Create a VIP customer advisory panel Sheila Spence 02-Apr-2010
  2. Build a successful and rewarding career Sheila Spence 02-Apr-2010
  3. Being one of the best people Sheila Spence 02-Apr-2010
  4. A Formula for Business Success (created specifically for a client presentation to the Van Tyul Group) Sheila Spence 01-Jan-2010

Recent Articles

  1. Pattern of Business Success Word Cloud Sheila Spence 11-Sep-2010
  2. Work is Broken - Here is How We Fix It Sheila Spence 08-Aug-2010
  3. Achieving Business Excellence Sheila Spence 08-Aug-2010
  4. Below C-level Strategy Sheila Spence 08-Aug-2010

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