Awesomely Simple: Essential Business Strategies for Turning Ideas Into Action

John Spence gets it: Simplicity is the new gold standard. Businesses that get simple shed expenses and boost customer loyalty. The new talent to have is simplicity-skills. Spence provides simple, yet surprising, recommendations on how to take the complex out of business life."

Tim Sanders - Author of Love Is the Killer App

Awesomely Simple Resource Site

Yes, you can make running your business awesomely simple, but it takes a focused and determined effort. In addition to the information in the book, John has hand-picked a wealth of additional resources to help you turn these ideas into action.

On this site you will find summaries and videos from John about each chapter in Awesomely Simple. You can download all of the audits, discussion questions, ideas for action and any of the samples and other content mentioned in the book. Additionally, John has assembled useful links to websites and articles, offered book recommendations, and linked his blog articles to each of the areas covered – all in an effort to make executing these ideas as simple as possible.

Explore this site, examine John's other offerings, subscribe to the mailing list and sign-up for the Bonus Toolbox, with additional resources and exclusive videos. All of these resources were assembled personally by John with the sincerest intent of helping you take a giant leap towards simplifying your business and achieving great success.

Chapter Downloads

All of the audits, discussion questions and ideas for action from the book are available for download. Find them in this box on each of the chapter pages or access all of them on this page:

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John Spence

"Making the very complex...awesomely simple” is no mere catch phrase, it is truly John Spence’s mission in life. Read more

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